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Webinar: Retaining Customers in Tough Times

In this webinar, Redflank's panel of customer experience specialists discussed:

  • An overview of the current SA economy

  • How to assess your customer base

  • How to determine the status of your customers

  • When to apply the right strategy to retain your loyal customers

  • Specific questions from our audience members.

In tough economic conditions, patterns in consumer behaviour shift.

Our Presenters:
AHP (8 of 196) - Copy_edited.png

Valerie Webley

Customer Experience Specialist

32 Years Experience


Ex Head of CRM at BMW, ex Service Excellence Head at Accenture. Projects include Mercedes, Natwest, PWC.

AHP (164 of 196) copy_edited_edited.png

Lings Naidoo

Customer Analysis Specialist

26 Years Experience


Ex Accenture; Projects include Ford, Caterpillar, Barclays.


Etienne van Wyk

Customer Strategy Specialist

24 Years Experience


Ex Accenture; Has worked on Projects for Barclays, World Bank, National Treasury.

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