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Case Study

How we made a difference

Problem Statement

A statutory body was required to conduct a review and assessment of the support provided to co-operatives in South Africa by Sector Education and Training Authorities during the 2014/15 to 2019/20 period.​

Project Objective

Conduct a review of the support that is provided cooperatives by SETAs in order to assist in analysing progress made on achieving the National Skills Development Plan (NSDP) outcomes.


The evaluation followed a mixed-method approach of desk-based and fieldwork research. The mixed-method approach combined quantitative and qualitative research in order to answer the evaluation questions. The fieldwork research component consisted of surveys, interviews and focus group discussions, whilst the desk-based research consisted of a review of relevant literature.

The Evaluation was undertaken using the Results Chain and the DAC Evaluation Criteria as key points of reference; thus, including a focus on relevance, programme governance and management, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the support interventions provided by the SETAs.

What Sets Us Apart

  • A structured approach and methodology allowing us to uncover customer insights and identify an organisation’s pain points

  • A deep understanding of the overall CX landscape and the context in which the organisation operates, thus allowing us to make clear recommendations, aligned with the organisation’s context.


Based on the actionable recommendations, the client was able to take steps towards addressing the customer pain points identified. Redflank was able to assist the client in taking these steps. Furthermore, follow up surveys were conducted to understand the actual impact these actions had had on the customer experience.


The project was concluded with the development of:

  • Customer Satisfaction Report

  • Stakeholder Experience Strategic Framework, including actionable recommendations

  • Pilot Study conducted with select units in the organisation

Demonstrated CX/CRM Skills

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Data Analytics

  • Recommendations for Organisational Improvement

  • Action planning and Implementation

  • Development of a Stakeholder Experience Strategic Framework


  • A deeper understanding of customer experience, satisfaction and pain points

  • Actions implemented within the organisation in order to assist with the realisation of tangible change

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