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BPR Case Study

How we made a difference

Problem Statement

A management corporation in the public sector sought to conduct a productivity study aimed at obtaining an understanding of the organisation’s productivity levels. Gaining this understanding would influence strategy design and specific productivity solutions.

Project Objective

Conduct a status report on the organisation’s productivity levels and provide recommendations to be implemented to streamline work processes and maximise productivity in line with the organisations strategy to roll out Total Quality Management principles.


Redflank conducted a comprehensive Customer Experience Assessment which included interviews with senior management, staff, customers, suppliers, and dealerships, as well as the review of existing customer experience measurement tools, related processes, and systems. The Assessment was conducted against the requirements of the company’s Global Customer Experience programme and highlighted priorities for local implementation of systems, training, and processes.


Following the Assessment, recommendations were made to senior management regarding the development and implementation of their local Customer Experience strategy at Head Office and throughout the dealer network. Once the strategy was agreed upon with management, Redflank continued to work with the client to communicate the strategy to all stakeholders and drive the activities required for successful implementation.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Ability to bring a complete consulting package to the client including Change Management, IT, Processes and deep CX experience.

  • A deep understand the overall CX landscape across a large organization and a number of stakeholders, analysing data, processes, and systems in order to make clear easily implemented recommendations.


Based on the actionable recommendations, the client was able to take steps towards implementing streamlined work processes and maximising productivity. Redflank was able to assist the client in addressing technology issues, process issues, and overarching organisational issues. This was done through re-engineering processes, provision of up-to-date tools, creating a revised business model and operating model, employee training, and the creation of new revenue streams.

Redflank further created an 8-phase implementation plan aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness across four workstreams which was crafted to run over a period of three years and six months.  

Demonstrated CX/CRM Skills

  • Data Analytics

  • Process development and improvement

  • Establishing and guiding cross functional CX teams

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Training material development and delivery


  • Conducting a Productivity Assessment that considered organisational performance and productivity.

  • Developing a Productivity Study based on the internal RTMC perspective.

  • Conducting a comprehensive contextual analysis aimed at obtaining understanding of the organisations strategy of readiness to roll out Total Quality Management principles.

Project Highlights

Redflank transformed a complex global CX strategy into something that was uniquely South African. The project implementation involved the entire team, including suppliers, dealers, and other stakeholders, in implementing CX solutions that were suitable for both B2C and B2B customer relationships.

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